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Fame and popularity in the social media sphere are nice, but what good is all that if you are not getting something more from it?

Let us face it: an influencer can only be an influencer as long they keep blessing the audience with consistent and adorable content. But all that cost money, right? And even with all monies in the world, investing in making good content with no financial returns doesn’t seem like a reasonable charitable endeavor to me- An influencer must make something out of it.

Think of Ellie The Empress aka Ellie Ensley

Think of Ellie The Empress, who is a full-time influencer and content creator. Ellie majors in try-on hauls and offers fashion and outfits. Her videos are not amateur-level type of content, and she invests well in lighting and angles, and they are not too fancy to make the audience distracted nor too raw to make her look like a newbie. She also has to invest in outfits and wardrobe accessories. All that needs money, and like I mentioned, she does this full-time. A keen viewer would notice that she does brand endorsements in her videos, and it should be obvious that that is how she earns her coin. But then I personally hate YouTube ads, and I hate it when content makes it too obvious that they are endorsing a particular brand. Speaking for everyone, we all hate those types of content. That is what differentiates successful influencers with heavy fandom and people who are better at securing brand endorsement deals than they are at keeping their fans loyal. So, how does Ellie manage to secure brand deals and retain loyal viewers?

I am not an expert in that area; I am just a regular viewer who knows what to like and what to pass. See, I, for one, like Ellie, for her authenticity, and she is more of a person true to herself. Her haul videos, like the one she did on the Soul Mia swimsuit try-on haul, are more about her as her person; she keeps her authentic commentary and engages with her fans. She does not make it too obvious that she is endorsing the brand. See, that is the trick, not rubbing it on our face on how brand x wants to sell product y. She lets the viewers make the decision, and I think it works better than most brand endorsement videos I have watched. Nobody wants to feel tricked or coerced.

As far as I can tell, Ellie is one of those few influencers who have managed to have their cake and eat it. The brand endorsement gigs she gets to put her in place to afford to give us the content we signed up for. And us signing up gives her the fan base she needs to secure the endorsement deals.

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