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About Shore Thang Models

Shore Thang is a model management company in Los Angeles, California that launched in 2018. After opening with only two full-time models, Shore Thang expanded during 2020 and has since worked with hundreds of famous and less than famous beauties from around the world.
Ellie The Empress created her first professional exclusive content in late 2020, in Florida. Eventually, Ellie moved on after learning more about digital marketing and content creation.
In general, Ellie The Empress is an excellent example of the type of model Shore Thang works with. Shore thang models are physically similar, and that they have naturally curvy bodies — either big boobs, a big butt, or a combination of both. With the exception of hair extensions or a modest amount of lip filler, our models are natural beauties.
Our talent generally joins the company when it's their first time making content, so they can learn about content. We think that the way we teach our talent to do content and to promote their content on social media is unique. Therefore, it’s very important for us to bring new talent into the company, so they can learn the right way to do things, and later excel on their own after building a bit of discipline.

Shore Thang Around The World


Shore Thang discovers new talent from around the world. At least 4 current and former models have earned more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers -- coincidentally, all four were/are Canadian.
Shore Thang is decidedly international, and always looks beyond the US to find new beauties to collaborate with, even if many of our models are also American.
Unlike traditional model management companies, Shore Thang excels at showing ambitious beauties how to grow their social media communities and bring more value to their own personal brand.
Shore Thang has attracted tens of millions of views, hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and tens of thousands of paying customers, since first opening in 2018.
We are proud of the work we do and enthusiastic about the talent that we work with.

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