Ellie The Empress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ellie The Empress was discovered by Shore Thang

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions Shore Thang often receives (FAQ)

What is Ellie The Empress's bra size?

Ellie The Empress has her measurements listed on Babepedia as 44H-24-34 (Imperial)

Can I contact Ellie The Empress directly?

We have a tip feature on the website that allows current members to tip Ellie The Empress and send her a message directly.

How often does the site update content?

This website is currently in archive, but you can still download all of the content on the site by paying the monthly membership fee and Brows the member store to see what premium content offerings are available. Since first launching, prices have come down significantly, and there is a lot of content to see.

What kind of content does Ellie The Empress create?

Ellie The Empress creates sheer, bikini, thong, implied, and nip slip content. Much of the content was shot in Florida at a fancy hotel, Airbnb, with a pool, and by Elli herself at home.

Are there more models in your company?

Am I able to receive a refund for my membership or digital downloads?

Generally, no. Here is a link to our refund policy.

I can't figure out how to cancel my membership. Help!

In the footer of the site, after signing in, you will find a managed subscription link, which will help you.

I can't find the content I just purchased. Help!

After purchasing the content, you’re looking for, you may return to the same place in the member store to download it. Another way to find the content you purchased  is to sign into the site navigate to the footer, and download on my purchases page. If you are downloading content onto your smart phone, you may need a third – Party app that can handle zip files.

If you were not able to find answers for the questions you have, please email us directly [email protected]

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