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Ellie The Empress

Ellie The Empress

Ellie The Empress 

Ellie Mae AKA, Ellie The Empress is all about fashion fixes and showing off her incredible body! Ellie is a growing social media influencer with 239k followers on Instagram alone. She also has more than 61k followers on TikTok and loves to post regular videos. When you follow Ellie Mae, you are sure to understand why she calls herself The Empress. Ellie believes in sharing her thoughts and her body-hugging outfits with all of her followers. 

Ellie is from Orlando, Florida, and has a great time posting videos and images of her outdoor trips in the sun and when she's dressing up for her next date. Ellie is confident and says exactly what's on her mind. If you wish to learn about the latest fashion and what you should wear on your next date, Ellie The Empress has the best advice.

You will find Ellie’s videos on TikTok funny and real! She loves to give dating advice and regularly shares her DMs with her fans! What makes The Empress so unique is the memes she does of herself. From her childhood memories to her dating life, she is constantly poking fun at life’s challenges and rewards. 

Ellie The Empress is growing on her social media channels from Instagram to Tik ok, but she is also a popular Instagram model. On Instagram, the Orlando girl gets to show her fans her favorite outfits with tips on preparing for a night out. Ellie is also thrilled when she gets to wear her top choices of clothing. Ellie believes in following her own style sense and enjoys her fans being part of her hits and misses. Her goal is to continue to grow her fan base and to become a top model on Instagram. 

What has made Ellie so successful in her influencer career is her ability, to be honest with her audience. She will tell it like it is based on her life experiences and her passions. She also cares about her body and staying healthy. With her latest fashion displays, you can also see Ellie at the pool or wearing her best bikinis at the beach.

Follow Ellie The Empress on her adventures. She enjoys sharing her personal life with her fans, sure to keep you entertained. She also has her own fan page where you can catch exclusive videos and content from the social media and TikTok influencer.

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