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Examining The Style and Grace of Ellie The Empress in Colombia

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Examining The Style and Grace of Ellie The Empress in Colombia

Ellie The Empress is a world-class beauty

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Ellie the Empress takes her viewers on a trip to Cartagena, Colombia as she chronicles her trip exclusively for her YouTube channel. Columbia’s rich cultural tapestry is a feast for the eyes as is Ellie herself. Ellie captures her trip as she vlogs her  personal takes of Colombia’s beauty whilst documenting her voluptuous fashion.  She involves the audience in every aspect of the trip, including packing for the trip and her finely detailed style selections. Ellie’s subscribers are treated to a pack along with Ellie’s famous styling tips. The audience feels like they are part of the adventure with Ellie’s engaging content. Getting to the destination is half of the fun. When Ellie arrives at her destination, she treats us to the resort that she is staying in. As she takes in the beauty of the hotel’s architecture and Cartegena’s cobble stone streets, we are taken along for the ride. The colonial buildings, the sights and sounds are all captured by Ellie for her vlog. We see Cartegena through Ellie’s eyes, as she proves herself to be a skilled videographer. Through out each still, Ellie models outfits that grace her naturally voluptuous figure and blend with Columbia’s beauty. Ellie always remains true to her unique beauty and individuality.

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Join Ellie as she discovers the beauty and rich culture that is woven into the rich tapestry of Colombia’s history, and architectural as well as natural beauty. A trip to such a lush local is not complete without a visit to the pool where Ellie lounges and takes a dip. Ellie offers bikini try on tips for her poolside frolic and models all of the swimsuits that she meticulously selected for the trip. Next up is dining in the hotel restaurant, which showcases Columbia’s vibrant food culture which Ellie documents for her vlog. The lush beauty of Columbia is showcased in the resort hotel’s garden that makes for a beautiful and memorable stay. Ellie’s audience are made to feel like they are right along with her in Caratagena, Columbia through her skilled vlogging. Ellie invites her audience to partake in the cathartic power of travel. You can transform yourself by travel to the unfamiliar, so venture out to where beauty abounds. Do not be afraid of the of travel and partake of it’s adventures. Ellie the Empress proves herself to be a skilled travel vlogger as she chronicles every aspect of her Colombia trip for posterity. Beautiful Cartagena proves to be a stunning backdrop for Ellie’s trip and a showcase for her unique beauty. Let’s join Ellie the Empress on her trip.

Ellie The Empress on youtubeDive in and explore with Ellie the Empress: Let’s take a deep dive into Ellie’s adventures.

Join Ellie as she shares the meticulous preparation that went into her recent trip to Columbia.  As part of her paid partnership with Dossier fragrances, we join Ellie on her pack along. Sharing content curated exclusively for her audience, Ellie makes us feel a part of her adventures. Something as routine as packing becomes an art as Ellie effortlessly blends her partnership with Dossier Fragrances into her preparations. Ellie proceeds to show the versatility of their different fragrance as she pairs them with each outfit. There is an appropriate fragrance for each occasion and Ellie’s styling and fashion tips help her viewers to select just the right ones. The fragrances go easily from day to night from the petite sophisticate of the city to the tropical beauty of Columbia.  Ellie reps Dossier Fragrances by highlighting how each fragrance evokes the quintessence of her adventures in every drop. Just a small drop behind each of Ellie’s ears and another drop on the pulse points of her tantalizing neck and she is instantly whisked away to the beautiful cobble stone streets of Cartagena. Ellie the Empress even demonstrates the source of her own personal perfume, made especially for her by Dossier fragrances. With an application of Ellie’s signature scent one is instantly transported to the lush beauty of Columbia with it’s exotic fruits and tropical flowers. The craftsmanship that goes into crafting each scent by Dossier fragrances is further expounded upon by Ellie. Ellie’s viewers and fans are taken on a journey of the senses with the opening of each perfume bottle, carefully chosen by her to evoke the essence of her adventures. Ellie elevates her travel preparations to an art form as she pairs each scent to the outfits she chose for her trip. In sweet anticipation of her Columbia trip, Ellie the Empress expertly selects perfumes from her Dossier collaboration and demonstrates how easy it is to choose your perfect scent. Dossier fragrances has a perfume for every occasion. Towards the end of Ellie’s pack along, a faint scent lingers of fragrances and adventures to experience and tales to be told. Let us take a voyage together as each scent beckons to be discovered. Let beauty be your guide as you are led by the most delicate of fragrances into the realm of the senses where your next adventure awaits.


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